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Free trial versions
Before buying, you can download demo versions of our software so that you can test them, and compare them with similar software (we actually encourage you to do so).

Customer support
We provide free email support for our customers, as long as the software is still supported. Even during evaluation period (when you use the demo version before purchasing), we provide this email support (however, registered users will get highest priority).

Free updates
We will provide you updates of our software as soon as they are released. These updates will fix bugs as soon as they are discovered, and sometimes add few more features to our software to keep them up-to-date.
If we release a totally new version of a software (with many new features), then it will not be considered as an update and it will not be provided to you for free (but most of the time we will propose a special price for upgrading).

Listening to your needs
Our development teams are of course on a schedule to release new versions, but if you ask for a new feature we will try to add it to our software. If the feature you are requesting can be useful for many people, it will simply be added to the next version of the software. If not but you absolutely need it we are always open to discuss a custom developement contract.

Software license
A Mediaccurate software license is for one user per license and entitles that single user to install the software on one computer at work and one at home, provided they are not both used at the same time, or by more than one person. If a customer wishes to install the software on more computers, they must purchase additional licenses.