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Desktop Video Recorder NEW
Desktop Video Recorder is a fast, reliable and easy to use tool to record anything that happens on your screen in a video file.
Set up your area of interest and start the recording in a few mouse clicks, your video contents will be ready as soon as you stop the recording.
Mediaccurate Flash Video Encoder
Mediaccurate Flash Video Encoder is an easy to use but powerful tool that converts your audio-video contents to the flash format to make you able to share them efficiently.
It offers many options, all easy to setup, in order to create high quality contents.
Custom software and services
More and more software are available in stores or online, but it often happens to not find the perfect software that will be really useful to achieve your objectives in a faster and easier way. Mediaccurate can develop your software on demand, following your requests in detail.
Various kinds of contracts/licenses are possible in order to make custom software not necessarily expensive.