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Custom software and services
Perfect match of your needs
Perfect match of your needs
So many times users are not totally satisfied of a software because it is not convenient, it is slow, or simply not exactly matching their needs and they must perform extra processing by hand.
We propose you to develop custom solutions that totally fit your needs. While developping we can review results at each step of the development process and modify the solution according to your wishes in the smallest details.
Our knowledge and experience
Our knowledge and experience
Our speciality is multimedia services and software development, including:
  • Video and image processing
    • Image filters: enhance images/video, correct colors, apply effects
    • Image/video compression with custom compressors
    • Video renderers: combine video tracks and apply transitions
  • Multimedia applications graphical user interface
    • Timeline-based applications
    • Object-based media editors
    • Realtime graphics rendering
  • Multimedia services
    • Video library format conversion and archiving
    • Image enhancement and damage restoration
Because a multimedia project is rarely only about multimedia we also developped good practices in the following domains:
  • Graphic design
  • Website design and usability
  • Custom web applications
  • Content management systems
And others...as you can see we are specialized in multimedia but not focused only on it. If you think we might be helpful in anyway, please contact us, we would be pleased to discuss with you.
We are open to all kinds of projects (packaged software, libraries, batch command-line tools, ...).
Custom solutions licensing
Custom solutions licensing
Custom solutions does not necessarily mean expensive solutions. We are ready to propose the same solution at various prices depending on:
  • if you want to be the exclusive user of the solution or not
  • if you want to aquire to source code or not
  • if you need support after the release of the solution
  • if you accept to let us release other software that use parts of the solution or not
To give you an idea, if you request a solution but not its source code, need only standard support, and allows us to use parts of the solution in other software, the cost might be very close to the cost of a packaged software performing the same kinds of tasks.
So even if your budget is restricted, do not hesitate to contact us.